PISPA has received funding from the EU Horizon 2020 programme under grant agreement Noº 822555. These are the objectives of the project.

Market-Ready Product

PISPA will prepare the Plytix Analytics tool for commercial use including the interface and technical infrastructure.


PISPA will test, demonstrate, and increase awareness about the Plytix Analytics tool.

Business Development

PISPA will create a business model for key vertical markets and facilitate critical mass for the success of the tool.


With a market of about 500 million people and a healthy growth in online shopping behaviours, the EU is seeing a boom in e-Commerce. The rapid growth has left many brands and retailers unable to fully capitalise on their online sales. As e-commerce grows in size and complexity, there will be a real need for a global standard identification system, tracking methods, and information sharing for products being sold online.

Currently, brands and retailers selling online (e-tailers) are wasting many resources on outdated and manual practices when it comes to content distribution and data sharing.

The PISPA project aims to develop an online platform service that facilitates unmet needs in the current e-commerce model: namely data sharing and analytics.

The main beneficiary of the PISPA project, and the developer of the platform is Plytix.com. The novel platform acts as a central hub for brands and online retailers, introducing a whole new concept in e-commerce – an e-commerce focused, product-centric analytic tool called Plytix Analytics.

Unlike other web analytics tools, Plytix Analytics tracks product performance (not sites) directly and across websites – thereby bringing more value/insights for each given product. Our analytics tool enables users – brands and e-tailers – to extract valuable insights from their owned and third party sales that allows them to:

  • Optimise prices
  • Detect quality problems
  • Optimise inventory to prevent stock-out, etc.

In sum, Plytix provides the means for brands and e-tailers to extract large added value from cost savings and new business opportunities.

The overall goal of the PISPA project is to prepare Plytix Analytics into a fully validated and optimised product and thoroughly document its performance. This includes the development of a prototype plus user and market testing.

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Project Information

Project Number - 82255

Start Date - September 2018

Beneficiary - Plytix.com ApS


Morten Poulsen, CEO & Founder


Linnesgade 25, Copenhagen, Denmark

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